Beekeeping 101

Whether you are an experienced beekeeper, a new beekeeper, or thinking about starting a backyard beehive, Penn State Beekeeping 101 is a one-of-a-kind completely online learning experience.

Expert instructors will walk you through all of the basic knowledge to start hives in your backyard.

Beekeeping 101 is suitable for both beginners and those with some beekeeping experience.

Individual Registration

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With the online format,
you’ll be able to:

Learn from nationally-recognized experts.

Take the course anytime, anywhere,
at your own pace.

Access the course and materials
for an entire year.

Trade questions, successes and stories
with other program participants.

Your Instructors

Tom Butzler

Penn State Extension Horticulture Expert
Fun Facts
A bee can fly 12 mph and Tom cannot fly, but can run at 6mph. (Therefore, Tom has difficulty outrunning bees.)
Tom averages around 12 bee stings a year.
A hive of bees needs to accumulate 55,000 miles of flight time to bring in one pound of honey. Tom doesn’t like flying and hasn’t been on a plane in 12 years.
Worker bees dance on a regular basis to communicate direction and Tom refuses to stop and ask for directions...according to his wife.

Tom Butzler
Tom Butzler is a Horticulture Extension Educator in central Pennsylvania. Butzler has been teaching beekeeping classes to youth and adults for over 15 years and developed Penn State Extension's first online beekeeping course.

Maryann Tomasko Frazier

Penn State Entomology Expert, Senior Extension Associate
Fun Facts
Was scared to death of all bees until taking a beekeeping course as a junior in college and falling in love with honey bees.
Was warned by her Masters advisor, that she would never get a job working with honey bees but in 29 years of gainful employment, has been fortunate to have worked every one of them with bees and beekeepers.
Has worked with beekeepers in seven different countries and hopes to work in another seven before retiring.
No matter how much she wants to be the queen, she is really just another worker....according to her husband.

Maryann Frazier
Maryann Frazier is responsible for honey bee extension throughout the state and cooperatively across the Mid-Atlantic region. Frazier collaborates with researchers around the globe to understand the impacts of pesticides and Varroa mites on honey bees and other pollinators. She also teaches courses in beekeeping, general entomology and teacher education.

Beekeeping 101 is open for Registration!

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